Date: 6th September 2016
Traffic Light Controller
Pole?s height5m to 15mShape of poleRound conical; Octagonal tapered; Straight square; Tubular stepped; Shafts are made of steel sheet that folded into required shape and welded longitudinally by automaticarc welding machineBrackets/ ArmSingle or double brackets/ arm are in the shape and dimension as per customers requirementLengthWithin 14m once forming without slip joint Wall thickness2.5mm to 20mmWeldingIt has past flaw testing.Internal and external double welding makes the welding beautiful in shape. And confirms with international welding standard of?CWBJointingJointing of pole with insert mode,innerflange mode,face to face joint mode.Base plate mountedBase plate is square or round in shape with slotted holes for anchor bolt and dimension as per customers requirement.