Date: 6th September 2016
Solar Garden Lights
Advantage of Solar Garden Light ?1 Super long service life; shining by semiconductor chips; no filament; no glass bulbs; not affected by vibration; not easily broken; service life reaches 50000 hours (The working life of standard incandescent lamps only can reach 1000 hours and that of ordinary energy-saving light only has 8000 hours ) ?2 ?Good for health: No ultraviolet rays and infrared ray, no radiation (There are ultraviolet and infrared rays in the light of standard lamps) ?3 GREEN: No hazardous element, such as mercury, xenon etc., convenient for recycling and no electromagnetic interference generated. (Mercury and xenon exist in the light tube of standard lamps; the electronic ballast of energy-saving lanterns causes electromagnetic interference) ?4 Protecting eyesight: DC driving, no flash (Standard light is AC driven and inevitably produces flash) ?5 High optical efficiency, low heat; 90% electrical energy is converted into visible light (80% electrical energy of standard incandescent lamp is converted into thermal energy and only 20% into optical energy) ?6 High safety coefficient, low required voltage and current , low heat, not generating security problems, can be applied to dangerous sites, such as mines. ?7 Huge market potential; Low voltage, DC supply, battery and solar energy can be OK for power supplying; It can be applied to lighting for power shortage areas, such as remote mountain area and wilderness.