Date: 6th September 2016
Outdoor Led Street Light
Technical Requirements on LED Street Light and Lamps?1?The working temperature of LED street light should meet -20??+50? and it's suitable for Guangdong area. Meanwhile, it should meet other special requirements in particular scenes, such as ambient temperature, humidity and corrosivity.?2?Protecting class of LED street light cover: more than IP65?3?Good batwing light mating design; catoptric system adopts design of stereo light source or lens light guiding ?4?LED lamps must have been verified by Guangdong LED street lamps testing organization with benchmarking evaluation system and testing report should be provided. (The LED lamps should be from the same manufacturer, whose LED products have been adopted by bender in this bid)?5?LED street light is made of aluminum alloy material with high quality and the lamp surface is sprayed to bear mechanical stress and the corrosion of salt mist, vehicle exhaust and cleaners.?6?LED street light should have surge suppression property (thunder proof) and the input end has over-voltage protection. When the voltage goes back to normal, it can return to work.?7?LED street light AC working voltage range: ?85V?265V (LED lamps still can work normally in this voltage range)?8?Power factor of LED lamp: ?0.95, driving power efficiency of lamps ?90%?9? The lamp power of LED light must be automatically adjusted in the time after midnight.?10?The elevation angle of lamp must have the adjusting function to ensure the maximum illumination on road.?4.Technical Requirements on LED lighting source?1?LED light source chips are required to adopt international brands (CREE U.S.A; Bridgelux; Osram Germany; Philips Netherlands) as well as packing technique of low thermal resistance, well-cooled and low stress.?2?It adopts LED chips with high luminous efficiency which is over 110Lm/w, no ghosting and low degradation. Manufacturer's CO copy is supplied and attached to the bid documents and it should be provided together if there is original CO.(3) The color temperature of light source 4000?50K?4?Lifetime of LED light source: not less than 50000h(Provide relevant evidentiary material)?5?General CRI(Color Rendering Index) of LED street light: Ra?75; Road evenness is more than 0.4?6?Luminance decrease of LED street light is less than 8% per 10000 hours and service life is more than 50000 hours with luminance decrease less than 30%?7?The bidder needs to make a list clearly in goods detailed instruction form on LED light source brands and specific technical parameters in tender documents. If you have test reports authorized by state authorities, please attach them to bender documents.