Date: 6th September 2016
LED Combination Street Light
With light source sdium/energy-saving/metal halide lamp Lamp height from ground 13m-16m Advantage large lighting area,Website:http://www.streetlight-china.com, concentrated lighting Design source combination production of functional&landscope lighting Application area main road intersection, parking lot, stadium Light pole material stainless steel Decorative lighting, or modern such as sculpture, or simulated such as natural normal. It shows the exquisite manufacturing process, at the same time also integrates with a variety of elements of a local or national culture. It can beautify and lighten environment, and can also become a symbol of a region and a cultural. The overall lamp body is made of steel which is being processed of high quality hot dip galvanizing electrostatic spray, or is made of fine stainless steel materials. The surface is bright, clean and ageing resistant. The pedestal is provided by the factory, the size of the lamp is customized according to the specific environment of the applicable place or the requirements of the customer. Park, courtyard and residential area, both sides of the road, pedestrian street, rest square, tourist area etc.